Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Last Breath-Laura Griffin

One Last Breath
Laura Griffin
Pocket, Sep 25 2007, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416537373

Two years ago, former cheerleader and trophy wife Feenie Malone learned her husband Josh Garland was cheating so she divorced him. However, he swore in court he lost everything so she received little in the settlement as she and the judge believed him.

Currently, Feenie works as a reporter for the Mayfield Gazette. During an interview, she notices the boat that her former husband swore he lost in a poker game. She sneaks into the boathouse to take pictures of the vessel and him to use as evidence in court when she goes after this rat. However, she is stunned because with her ex is a known notorious drug operative. Feenie investigates, which leads her to private investigator Marco Juarez, a former cop; they met when he handled the domestic dispute that signaled the end of her marriage. He wants to ignore his instant déjà vu attraction because his priority is to learn what happened to his missing sister, Paloma, whom he assumes is dead. Besides which Feenie is linked to thugs, but he needs her if he is to achieve his goal. Soon someone begins murdering local citizens with Feenie near the top of the list to be eliminated.

ONE LAST BREATH is an enjoyable romantic suspense tale because of the wary interaction between the lead couple. She was burned one time too many by a man while he remains obsessed with his sister’s murder so has doubts he can handle a relationship. As they work together on the investigation, they trust each other with their life but not their heart. Sub-genre fans will look forward to more inquiries starring this dynamic pair.

Harriet Klausner