Wednesday, October 3, 2007

T Is for Trespass-Sue Grafton

T Is for Trespass
Sue Grafton
Putnam, Dec 2007, $26.95
ISBN 9780399154485

In 1987 in Santa Teresa, California abrasive octogenarian Gus Vronsky suffers a shoulder separation from a fall that he cannot get up from. His next door neighbor private investigator Kinsey Millhone and her eighty-seven years old landlord Henry hear a wail. They investigate, find Gus debilitated, call 911 and care for him until his great-niece hires nursing home aide, Solana Rojas.

However, Millhone becomes concerned that the care-giver is mistreating her patient. She plans to intervene if she can find proof. Unbeknownst to Millhone (ironically the reader knows on page one) is that a diabolical thug has stolen the real Rojas’ identity and knows who she must remain vigilant against with if she is to continue with her masquerade.

Although the ending violently rights things, this Millhone tale is T for terrific. The story line is action-packed as Millhone wants to do the right thing for her neighbor, but finds her interference not welcomed. The fake Rojas proves a clever adversary at they play a deadly game of chess in which Gus could prove the victim. Fans of the long running series will enjoy this entry as the normally confident heroine struggles with how much involvement is acceptable.

Harriet Klausner