Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mr. Inside-L. Frank James

Mr. Inside
L. Frank James
The Salt Works, Oct 2007
ISBN: 9781934080016

In 1947 in Kenya, twelve years old Gustov Miller and his younger brother Andy watch as a native witchdoctor viciously massacres their turn the other cheek missionary parents. The brutality of that fatal day stays with the siblings who return home to Missouri as orphans. Neither found closure as both struggle for decades with why God allowed their believing parents to be murdered like this. The two siblings not only were no longer best friends as they had been as preadolescents, but drifted apart as each fails to understand and doubt God’s plan with Gus becoming a devout atheist.

In spite of being a recluse by the 1970s internationally recognized archaeology and historical anthropology expert Gustov has opened up Lost & Found International. He employs two people, his personal assistant devout Christian Miss Beatrix Peeters and his Mr. Outside field agent James Morrison, who searches for the artifacts that his employer (Mr. Inside) assigns him to find or recover in the case of stolen items. However, thugs invade Gustav’s home demanding that he give to them a priceless ancient parchment or else a close associate will die.

This is a fascinating Christian allegorical thriller in which the main player, Gustav has turned from God completely based on his logical mind working out that if the Lord exists why he would allow good people doing good deeds to die in horrific ways. The story line is action-packed from the moment the parents are murdered, but even before that the audience learns much about how Gustav the child thinks when he works out where his friends and brother are hiding in hide and seek. This is a winning tale as Gustav begins to comprehend that if he believes in free will than bad things can happen to good people. Fans will wonder if Gustav and Jim will survive and whether the brothers will reconcile with each other and with God as their hearts are filled with rage, bitterness, and loathing. MR. INSIDE is a metaphysical spiritual tale at its thrilling uplifting best.

Harriet Klausner

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