Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prepared for Rage- Dana Stabenow

Prepared for Rage
Dana Stabenow
St. Martin’s, Feb 2008, $24.95
ISBN 9780312369736

Most Americans take for granted the launching of the space shuttles from the Kennedy Space Center; yet when something goes wrong like with Challenger the entire nation grieves. Thus a Pakistani terrorist with a personal grudge against the United States understands what blowing up a shuttle would do the country’s psyche. He has lined up a loyal team of zealots willing to die for success and begins the alternate countdown as NASA prepares for the next launch.

The FBI has heard message trafficking of a major attack soon, but not sure how or where; they and the US Coast Guard led by intrepid Captain Cal T. Schuyler want to keep the Cape Kennedy area safe as that is a prime target especially with a VIP on board the shuttle.

Leaving Alaska for the waters off Florida’s east coast, Dana Stabenow proves she is as good at a suspense thriller as she is at a Kate Shugak crime saga. The story line is action-packed whether the readers follow the astronauts especially Kenai Munro preparing, the terrorists, or the Coast Guard. Readers will enjoy this strong tale as Ms. Stabenow’s second Coast Guard thriller (see BLINDFOLD GAME) may occur in warmer waters, but the danger seems as plausible.

Harriet Klausner