Saturday, February 2, 2008

Getting Away Is Deadly-Sara Rosett

Getting Away Is Deadly
Sara Rosett
Kensington, Apr 2008, $22.00
ISBN: 9780758213402

When your husband is in the military, plans change at a moment’s notice; just ask professional organizer and pregnant Ellie Avery. She was looking forward to a Caribbean vacation with her husband Mitch who returns home from an overseas tour, but instead learns he must attend a class in sweltering DC. Like most military spouses flexible Ellie adapts and accompanies him to Washington.

Ellie promise her cousin Debbie that she will meet Jay MacInalley, who served in the military with Debbie’s father who died in Korea. Her family will not talk about him and she needs to know why. She also goes to see her sister- in- law Summer who works for a powerful K Street lobbyist. Before hooking up with either person, Ellie is in the Metro when a man falls down and dies. The police look at security tapes that show he was pushed. Summer knows the man who was killed and the tapes show her or her someone who looks almost exactly like her next to Jorge. Obviously the prime suspect, Ellie believes Summer is innocent and investigates to prove her assertion.

Fans of amateur sleuth mysteries will relish GETTING AWAY IS DEADLY as the tale contains a delightful whodunit that serves as a tour of Washington DC. Debbie’s quest and Summer’s legal problems are subtly indirectly linked while spunky Ellie waddles from one clue to another resolutely trying to solve both cases with a killer watching her DC tour ready to coldly guide her to a non-tourist site, the morgue.

Harriet Klausner