Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trail of Fate-Michael Spradlin

Trail of Fate
Michael Spradlin
Penguin, Oct 2009, $17.99
ISBN: 9780399247644

In 1191 Templar knight squire Tristan knows he is lucky to remain alive having barely escaped the murderous intent of malevolent Sir Hugh who demanded he give over the Holy Grail if he wanted an easy death (see KEEPER OF THE GRAIL). Tristan comes ashore having lost contact with his allies on the ship Robard and Maryam. He has a lot on his mind for he is unsure what to do or who to go to with his holy relic; Tristan misses his Templar Knight Sir Thomas who would advise him what to do next. He fears for his friends who may be dead or worse help captive.

On shore in a land he does not know, Tristan finds himself amidst French Cathars. He is attracted to their leader Celia and wants to help their cause even if she and her cohorts clearly loath Templars for their undying support to the pope whom they deem treacherous cowardly and avaricious. They fight against the religious persecution of the ruthless King of France, but Tristan knows Sir Hugh still pursues him and he must return to England immediately. However, Tristan thinks with his wrong head and offers his assistance to the Cathars thus jeopardizing his mission and the Holy Grail he protects.

The second Youngest Templar is a terrific medieval thriller held together by Tristan, who proves brave and loyal although his decisions endanger the Grail he protects. The support cast is solid whether they support or oppose the young champion. Filled with action, fans will enjoy this coming of age entry as the audience knows as does Tristan Sir Hugh is coming for him, but he still stops to abet the Cathars as he believes their cause to be just.

Harriet Klausner