Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tainted-Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan
Avon, Dec 2009, $14.99
ISBN: 9780061853371

On Cape Cod, single mom of five year old Katy, Holly Barrett rides the bus when a “faintworthy” hunk sits next to her. He says his name is Jack Dane with an English accent and he has applied for a waiter’s job at the new upscale Figs in Shoreham. She says she lives in Shoreham.

Katy is with her septuagenarian great grandfather Henry while Holly thinks back to high school and the child’s father Billy Madison who just graduated from Stanford and heading to Harvard Law. He never acknowledged the child as his but now wants to meet Katy. He asks Holly who says he is too late.

Jack tells Holly he got the job and wants to celebrate with her. They enjoy a meal, but she fails to mention Katy. They go to her house where he kisses her, but sees the pictures of Katy and tells Holly he cannot deal with a child so he ends their potential relationship. Henry meets Jack who later realizes Holly is his new friend’s granddaughter when she arrives with Katy. He likes Katy’s energy and is attracted to Holly so he asks her out. Three weeks later, Jack moves in with Holly and Katy. Billy arrives to see Katy. Jack says no making it clear he is Katy’s dad. This is the first doubt about how altruistic Jack truly is as Billy tells Henry he thinks Holly’s man is evil and overly controlling.

The cast is strong as the key players seem fully developed. The growing doubts of the support cast re Jack are handled deftly. Although the story line feels padded especially in the latter half and Billy had no reason to believe Jack was evil, fans will relish this strong family thriller with a terrific final spin.

Harriet Klausner

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