Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hornbrook Prophecy-Robert Wickes

The Hornbrook Prophecy
Robert Wickes
Crystal Dreams Publishing, Aug 2010, $18.95
P.O. Box 698
Dover TN 37058
ISBN 9781591463429

In 2010, the economic crisis confronting the United States is leading to a depression. President Winston Dillard wants Congress to show fortitude by voting on an increase and a reduction in benefits and entitlements. Senator Henley Hornbrook (I) strongly opposes the bill. However, the president wins as the bill becomes the law.

Taxpayers explode in anger leaving the country close to defaulting on its debt. Dillard sees the unrest as a chance to gain more power so he declares a national emergency in which upcoming elections are suspended. Using the bully pulpit, Holbrook blames the mess on Hornbrook. He then declares martial law with the Army patrolling major cities and the local police furloughed. Senator Hornbrook’s aide Major Eagle McCall informs his brother-in-law Tom Warner that open revolt is coming and he should leave Los Angeles for remote Washington State where he has a home. The drive through California and Oregon proves dangerous and even in rustic Washington state, armed militia attack anyone not with them.

Using hyperbole and deliberate stereotyping of DC power wielders, Robert Wicks provides readers with an entertaining cautionary tale of the Constitution ignored by those already in power wanting not just to remain but lusting for more. With a nod to Lord Acton’s commentary on the abuse of power and though somewhat simplistic especially with the depiction of Hornbrook as a sort of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, readers will enjoy this exciting political thriller while trying to figure out who, if any, the novel’s politicians resemble.

Harriet Klausner

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