Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Pyramid of Doom-Andy McDermott

The Pyramid of Doom
Andy McDermott
Bantam, Sep 28 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780553593631

As an international TV audience waits for the archeologists to open a recently discovered vault under the Great Sphinx, student Macy Sharif has found the excavation and Egypt boring as the leader Dr. Berkley detests debutants being fostered on him due to favors and donations. Upset as she is a serious student who wants to contribute, Macy considers leaving until she overhears a discussion about another dig behind schedule. Apparently in an upper newer chamber of the Great Sphinx, led by Shaban, a splinter group is looking for a map that leads to the mythical lost pyramid of Osiris. They see her so she flees for her life. However, on Shaban’s team are corrupt government officials like Hamid so they arrange for Macy to be declared a criminal while they hunt her down for execution.

Macy contacts the only person she trusts with her life, defrocked American archaeologist Nina Wilde; whose reputation has been shredded in a garbage disposal by the Eden fiasco (see The Covenant of Genesis). With former SAS operative Eddie Chase at her side the pair begins a search for the Pyramid of Osiris while trying to keep Macy safe from a fanatical cult and their Diamondback bodyguard.

The fifth Wild Chase thriller is at its best when the focus is on the race to find The Pyramid of Doom; when the tale centers on the relationship between the lead adventurers it loses steam as the quarreling bantering after four previous escapades of this makes them for the most part seem childish and petty. Still the fast-paced action is fun to follow and the prime villain ultra chilly. Andy McDermott provides an exciting entry in his enthralling saga.

Harriet Klausner

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