Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three Ways to Die-Lee Goldberg

Three Ways to Die
Lee Goldberg
CreateSpace, Dec 31 2011, $5.99
ISBN: 9781456481872

"Jack Webb's Star". Writer Kevin Dangler and about two dozen other offenders attend traffic school overlooking Jack Webb’s Star. He meets a bunch of lunatics including armed robbery convict turned construction worker Titus Watkins who seen Kevin’s wife perform an XXX taxi scene with Christopher Walken. They team up on a theft of a star that leads to much more.

“Bumsickle”. After two decades on the police force, Spokane Police Detective Bud Flanek knows he still thinks like a dick as he did when he joined due to the recruiter’s luscious looking breasts. He has managed to achieve a consistent level of mediocrity though at times that bar is too high. His current case involved the homicide of the thirty-something Jane Doe Caucasian with no ID except her visage is his wife who he has not seen in two years.

"Remaindered. Kevin’s first novel Frost Bite was a monster success that had him singing along side of Elmore and alphabet Grafton. His second thriller Do Unto Others tanked. His latest tale Twisted Sheets was bought by a minor publishing firm. Kevin is on a signing tour of his former best-seller, which is why he is at a K-Mart in Spokane where he meets his greatest fan Megan. He thinks she is a sign from God, but will soon revise who sent her into his life.

This short collection contains reprints of three excellent crime capers with loosely interrelated twists. Lee Goldberg is at his best in each of them as appreciative fans of short mysteries will testify.

Harriet Klausner

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