Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silent Kills-C.E. Lawrence

Silent Kills

C.E. Lawrence

Pinnacle, Dec 6 2001, $7.99

ISBN: 9780786025626

NYPD criminal profiler Lee Campbell has returned to work after a leave of absence, but the depression caused by his sister’s disappearance led to a nervous breakdown that crippled and hospitalized him The depression remains strong just at a lesser degree of intensity. His current case is profiling the killer of Candy Nugent who was seen at a steampunk club before dying from exsanguination. While Bronx Major Crimes Unit Chief Morton comments about The Bride of Dracula, Lee fears this draining of the blood indicates that the cops are dealing with a tyro serial killer just starting a reign of terror.

Lee’s prediction proves true when three more victims are found from a predator who injects his victims with a sedative to make it easier for him to remove his target from a club crowd before draining the blood. What the police do not know is that this psychopath drinks the blood. The young dead females remind Lee of his sibling, which increases the level of his depression.

Although insane serial killers running rampart (see Silent Victims and Silent Screams) are as frequent as mindless zombies and angst vampires, C.E. Lawrence refreshes the theme with a mentally wounded protagonist struggling with a nasty case that reminds him of the cause of his depression. The story line occurs when 9/11 remains fresh in the minds of New Yorkers, which adds tension to the tale. Rotating point of view enables the audience to understand the beast’s motivation while the protagonist displays his raw sensitivities on his sleeve. Scream III is a terrific police procedural.

Harriet Klausner

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