Friday, February 17, 2012

Games Traitors Play-Jon Stock

Games Traitors Play

Jon Stock

Dunne, Mar 27 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780312644772

Last year in Delhi, Salim Dhar almost assassinated the President of the United States. Since then he has been a marked man with the CIA targeting him for death. However, their attempts to kill the terrorists have failed while the drone strikes in Af-Pak run thirty a month only anger the locals.

Rogue MI6 officer Daniel Marchant thinks the espionage agencies are inane as they depend on electronic surveillance to find his half-brother Dhar. He thinks Dhar has gone under the radar using the Berber storytellers as cover in Marrakech to pass information. As the CIA proclaims the hit, Marchant follows Dhar up Atlas Mountains until the terrorist flies away in an unmarked military helicopter. Stunned that Dhar has some powerful allies, Marchant needs to follow in the rumored shoes of his allegedly traitorous father by turning to the Russians. His superior M16 chief Marcus Fielding does not believe Marchant is betraying his country while CIA liaison Lakshmi Meena forces him to work with her over his objection. As he hunts for Dhar, Marchant believes his killing sibling has something horrific planned for London.

Still a Dead Spy Running, who trusts no one and has no one trusting him, Marchant struggles with his side’s duplicity and triple crosses as the Brits, Americans and Russians strongly believe the end justifies the mean. Each uses Marchant as an expendable pawn. Although the insight into the agencies’ rivalry is fascinating, the convoluted plot filled with betrayals can be difficult to follow especially if you have not read the first thriller as the rules of engagement is realistically bizarre. Still readers will hope Marchant can stop running and get in from the cold.

Harriet Klausner

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