Saturday, March 17, 2012

Atlantis God-David Gibbins

Atlantis God

David Gibbins

Dell, Apr 24 2012, $9.99

ISBN: 9780440245841

Close friends International Maritime University marine archaeologist Jack Howard and submersible technologist Costas agree to pay their last respects to the underwater ruins of Atlantis in the Black Sea that they discovered and explored a few years ago. A volcano has left the ancient city on the brink of extinction. Their mission is not just nostalgic, but to interpret inscriptions, which provide insight into what destroyed this great ancient civilization and hint at a rebirth.

The pair knows of the work of the Nazi’s Department of Cultural Heritage, but they are unaware contemporaries want the duo dead as they have plans for the Atlantis resurrection. Jack, Costas and their team search twentieth century horror in a WW II bunker, the Berlin Zoo tower that contains numerous remains of people massacred during the Third Reich and Himmler's strangely constructed castle as they seek clues to the palladion.

The latest Howard marine archeologist thriller has the hero, his buddy and their team returning to Atlantis after stints at Troy (see The Mask of Troy) and Herculaneum (see The Lost Tomb). The story line can be read alone, but builds from the previous entries. The action is fast-paced as readers join Howard and company following clues. Although the historical soliloquies are fascinating, their passiveness slows down the otherwise exciting plot but also prove how passionate David Gibbins is on his subject that he wants to educate as well as entertain. On Atlantis God as with its predecessors, he succeeds.

Harriet Klausner

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