Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unbridled Greed-Barry Johnson

Unbridled Greed

Barry Johnson

Rocochi Ridge Publishing, Oct 11 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9780986024603

In Chicago, FBI Agent Nina Moretti goes undercover as patient Alice Rizzo trying to obtain hardcore information that Dr. Hugh Patterson is committing medical insurance fraud. She succeeds to the delight of Justice Department investigator Bryan Hampton and Sideral Healthcare SIU investigator Ted Kucharski. Bryan makes his case to the US Attorney for the Chicago District Albert Tacovic who agrees to a raid in two days. Al turns to his sister, family friendly Judge Markowski, and Patterson’s lawyer to get the doctor off the hook with no ties back to him; while also blackmailing a donation for his congressional run from the physician.

With help from anti-medical fraud combatant Da Silva, an irate Hampton obtains a position working for his former college roommate the US Attorney for the Nevada District Paul Dixon. Hampton learns his new boss has personal reasons to fight medical insurance fraud. As they work together alongside of BeatMedicalFraud operative Gayle Baker, danger mounts while Hampton is attracted to Dixon’s assistant single mom Charlie Cruz.

Unbridled Greed is a fast-paced medical thriller in which Barry Johnson shines a vivid light on health care insurance fraud. Fast-paced throughout even with explanations for instance on threshold monetary figures triggering investigations (small amounts are ignored as the cost of prosecution exceeds the fraudulent claims). Although black and white as the good guys are ethical Diogenes’ candidates and the bad guys are Darth Vader protégé, readers will relish this powerful look at the impact of a multi-billion dollar medical insurance fraud industry.

Harriet Klausner

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