Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heatseeker-Lucy Monroe


Lucy Monroe

Kensington Brava, Jan 29 2013, $14.00

ISBN: 9780758242037

Goddard Project (see Deal With This) agent Rachel Gannon worked undercover in Helwan near Cairo to end the illegal operations of sadistic Egyptian Abasi Chuma. However, her informant inadvertently gave away her cover. In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, her captors torture Rachel using three minutes of electricity at consistent intervals, but she refuses to give them information beyond screaming out the name of the US Marine she loves who failed her a decade ago.

No longer a marine, Kadin Marks leads an Atrati team of mercenaries to rescue Rachel. Complicating matters, she refuses to leave willingly unless her informant is protected as her sister’s suicide still haunts her since she blames herself for not being there for her. Still when Kadin and his unit succeed in extracting her, she tries to persuade the man she never stopped loving that the prize of destroying Chuma and his unknown partner are theirs for the taking.

This is an exciting black ops romantic thriller with two pairs of loving coupling (besides the protagonists, two male team members are an entry though one of them refuses to come out of the closet and tell his family). The engaging romances provide a deep look into the respective psyches of the lead couple and to a lesser degree the gay pair; though these relationships feel out of place while on a black ops mission. Still readers will enjoy the Lucy Monroe’s entertaining “Road to Morocco” (and Egypt).

Harriet Klausner

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