Thursday, February 7, 2013

Night Moves-Randy Wayne White

Night Moves

Randy Wayne White

Putnam, Mar 5 2013, $26.99

ISBN: 9780399158124

In Florida, Doc Ford and his friends Tomlinson and Dan Futch find clues that lead them to believe they can locate the legendary five missing bombers that vanished in late 1945. A pilot, Dan flies them over the remote area where they believe the planes crashed. However, their plane fails forcing an emergency landing.

The trio quickly concludes their crash was caused by sabotage as someone wants them dead. All three have enemies with Tomlinson the most likely target due to his dispute with a Haitian drug kingpin and Tomlinson’s companions are considered acceptable collateral damage. Although Dan’s foe is unlikely a killer rather than a sport’s rival, Doc’s black ops work as a hired gun or his marine biologist environmental stands on Sanibel Island’s Dinkin’s Bay could be the motive. Several more near deadly incidents occurs as Doc and his friends plan a counter attack.

The latest Doc Ford thriller is an engaging tale as someone tries to kill Doc and company. The storyline starts with a fabulous exciting opening; the search for the real lost Flight 19. I would have preferred Randy Wayne White stayed with this premise; as the plot loses momentum when the action becomes swamped with several other subplots including the attempted murder mystery and Doc’s potential love life with Hannah Smith (see Gone). Still readers will enjoy this dangerous chess match with several suspects having powerful motives to kill Doc or Tomlinson.

Harriet Klausner

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