Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Murder At Timber Bridge-KD Easley

Murder At Timber Bridge
KD Easley
NukeWorks Publishing, Jun 1 2010, $9.99
ISBN: 9780982529492

In Alden while playing paint ball war with her brother, her teen lover, and her twin sons, Randi Black trips over the corpse of a female. Her brothers Steve and Chad and her teen lover AJ, cops on the Alden PD take charge of the crime scene.

Randi figures she has enough on her plate as she raises her teenage sons, works at her ex husband’s bar, the neighbor’s cat and AJ who wants a second chance. She still loves AJ but he left her over two decades ago without a look back. She helps the cops with their investigation, but insists they look into the odd bar customer with the cowboy hat and one of their own Jody the cop who is harassing her. Her siblings agree about the cowboy but believe their sister proves “Nothing Much Has Changed” since they were teens protecting her from the boys. Still as they, AJ and other testosterone hunks protect her and Wilson her bedmate canine, another homicide occurs in which she trips over the corpse while at the paint ball war.

Although Randi and the horde of men in her lives seem to all have their act together, readers will enjoy this terrific police procedural due to what happens to the heroine. Her brothers have a difficult time accepting Jody harassing her as he is a charming sociopath (though they could have done what Randi did by contacting a female police officer cousin who worked with this nasty person). The whodunit is great with a terrific twist and several delightful red herrings; as Randi (who is in Nine Kinds of Trouble) and readerss will wonder whether the stranger-cowboy or Jody is the serial killer.

Harriet Klausner

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