Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Brotherhood-Jerry B. Jenkins

The Brotherhood
Jerry B. Jenkins
Tyndale, Feb 1 2011, $14.99
ISBN: 9781414309224

Chicago police officer Boone Drake feels his life is perfect. He loves his family which includes his wife Nikki who stays home with their child Josh. Boone enjoys his work as he has a great partner in Jack Kelly and his superiors think the world of him. Boone lives his ideal of Eden mowing the lawn while caring for his loved ones and thanking God for all he has and the trio attends church led by Pastor Sosa regularly.

A home fire kills Josh and leaves Nikki more dad than alive. Dr. Sarangan who goes to the same church tells Boone that he does not believe in euthanasia, but Nikki would be better off dead with the injuries she suffered. He lies to her about their son, but she knows and soon joins him in death. Boone is over the top in grief as he wonders how God could allow such a tragedy to two innocent caring people. His family, Pastor Sosa and Jack are there for him. He begins to leave his hell raging at God when he meets two new people, single mom Haeley and dynamic vicious gang leader Pascual Candelario.

Though an exciting action-packed Precinct 11 thriller from the moment Jack takes the phone call in the squad car (the radio is inappropriate), The Brotherhood is also a reflective tale as God allows free will, but is there for us while we heal from tragedies. The secondary characters in many ways set the overarching theme with their respective relationships with the protagonist. Perhaps the most interesting player is the gangbanger as the cops, the gang members and readers wonder if he seeks redemption as the Lord gives second chances or setting up an ambush so he could sing The Day Chicago Died. Blending police, gangs and God, this is a strong inspirational thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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