Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta-Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta
Carole Nelson Douglas
Forge, Aug 2 2011, $24.99
ISBN: 9780765327468

Las Vegas Public relations guru Temple Barr receives the shock of her life when she gets a call from overseas. Her former fiancé Max Kinsella lost his memory when he was injured by killers while looking for the evil Synth organization. Temple believed he died though he was actually an MIA. She picks him up at the airport and helps him settle in town. The next day Temple picks up her current fiancé Matt Devine; he feels insecure with Max back from the dead.

To get her mind focused on something besides the two men in her life, Temple accepts commercial actress Savannah Ashleigh’s commission to investigate who killed her dying aunt’s handyman. While she works the case, Captain Molina is interested in finding the Barbie Doll killer dubbed that ever he left next to his victims. The room of Molina’s daughter had one in it though she doesn’t play with them. Temple finds a link between the two cases which puts her life in danger from a psychopath while her leading man Midnight Louie has her back.

This Midnight Louie feline sleuth is a terrific meticulously complex whodunit with several suspects keeping things interesting for an already emotionally overloaded Temple. Ironically Max insists Temple is not his type though when he had his memory he was madly in love with her. Temple wants Max healed but believes her life is with doubting Matt. As her personal life turns even more convoluted if possible since Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme by the three M males, the murder case in which she becomes a target seems mentally safer.

Harriet Klausner

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