Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanted Deb or Alive-Laurie Moore

Wanted Deb or Alive
Laurie Moore
Five Star, Aug 10 2011, $25.95
ISBN 9781432825409

Twenty-three year old last year’s debutante Dainty Prescott is a WBFD-TV TV news intern when she learns that thugs in Ciudad Juarez mugged her sister Teensy and kidnapped her sibling’s friend Tiffer. Her Fort Worth Police detective boyfriend Jim Bruckman warns her not to travel to the “murder capital of Mexico”, but her sister is in critical condition hopefully still in a hospital so she quickly heads to the border.

In El Paso, Dainty meets pint sized police detective lieutenant Amanda “Canary Tanzanite” Vazquez. The two females head to the Mexican side to rescue this year’s two missing Rubanbleu ball debs who apparently grabbed a cab known as the Kidnapping Express. Meanwhile El Montero stalks Dainty.

The latest Debutante Detective Mystery (see Deb on Arrival) is a fantastic amateur sleuth as Dainty goes Mexican. The dynamic distaff duo make the tale fun as the Pygmy and the Deb duel in a war of words while having each other’s back, sort of after dessert that is. Readers will enjoy their escapades to rescue Dainty’s sister and her sibling’s friend before they are trafficked on the black market commodity exchange.

Harriet Klausner

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