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Herring on the Nile-L.C. Tyler

Herring on the Nile

L.C. Tyler

Felony & Mayhem, May 16 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781937384029

Third level list mystery writer (under two aliases) and romance author (under another name) Ethelred Tressider informs his agent Elsie Thirkettle that he is going to Egypt to conduct research for his next book. Accompanying him is Annabelle, the widow of the late Lord Muntham. Annabelle is not coming with him; so Ethelred invites Elise giving her eight days’ notice.

The writer and his agent sail up the Nile on the Khedive, a luxurious paddle steamer. Also on board is bonehead private investigator Herbie Proctor, who foolishly boasts he is on the ship protecting a client. Another passenger Mr. Pirbright believes Ethelred is a former MI5 field operative who became the author Paul Fielder. Two Egyptians inform Elsie they are undercover detectives pursuing two criminals. The two Brits compare notes re the other passengers are a felonious crew, but the trek proves worse when the engine’s die and a murdered corpse is found; everyone even apparently Elsie assumes Ethelred is the culprit.

The fourth E squared amateur sleuth (see The Herring Seller's Apprentice, Herring In The Library and Ten Little Herrings) once again pays homage to Agatha Christie. The fast-paced storyline is filled with wit and irony inside of a wonderful whodunit that satirizes Death One The Nile due in part to the relationship between the perfect English gentleman and his in your face agent who insists if he worked diligently and applied his talent he could attain a level two status.

Harriet Klausner

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Len Tyler said...

Hi Harriet - many thanks for the great review! Glad you enjoyed it. Len (L C Tyler)