Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lucky Stuff-Sharon Fiffer

Lucky Stuff

Sharon Fiffer

Minotaur, Sep 18 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9780312643034

Antiques picker Jane Wheel feels good her divorce from Charley, who is mostly in Honduras, is final; while she has mixed feelings about her son Nick going to a boarding high school that specializes in science and math. No longer needing her house in Evanston, Illinois, Jane forwards her collections to her friend Tim Lowry for storage in her hometown Kankakee, and places their home on the market. However, she is unprepared for how fast the house sells so moves back to her parents’ home in Kankakee.

Also returning to Kankakee to film a self-roast is B level comedian Lucky Miller though he stayed in town for a relatively short time. Lucky spends a lot of money to restore the businesses to what he remembers them as he fears he did something terrible here but cannot recall what he did. Adding to his belief is someone sending Lucky notes accusing him of crimes. While Lucky has sent many customers to the EZ Way Inn, owned by Jane’s parents, her mom Nellie scorns the comedian. Meanwhile a crew member is killed just after he and Lucky got into an argument. . With her mom in the middle, Jane investigates.

The latest Jane Wheel amateur sleuth (see Backstage Stuff) is an enjoyable lighthearted mystery as the heroine wonders why her mom disdains Lucky. Although the whodunit is thin, fans will enjoy Lucky Stuff as Jane “knew something like this was going to happen” when she came home.

Harriet Klausner

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