Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Trojan Colt-Mike Resnick

The Trojan Colt

Mike Resnick

Prometheus/Seventh Street, Jun 4 2013, $13.95

ISBN 9781616147891

In Cincinnati, Bill Striker, head of the city’s largest detective agency, hires freelancer Eli Paxton to provide personal security to legendary race horse Trojan’s offspring Tyrone, as the colt is offered to bidders at the Keeneland Summer Sale auction in Lexington, Kentucky. Needing the money desperately, the former cop jumps at the opportunity.

Tyrone’s groom Tony Sanders shows the valuable colt to interested buyers. The day before the bidding, Tony vanishes. His parents hire Eli to find their son. Tyrone’s owner Travis Bigelow insists the groom ran away, which makes no sense to Eli as Tony was diligent and dedicated to the care of the horse. As he digs around the barns, Eli learns two other employees vanished in recent weeks and rumors have it that Bigelow’s breeding operation is in financial trouble. He fears he could be missing person number four as he begins to uncover what is going on in the racing world.

The latest Eli Paxton Mystery (see Dog in the Manger and "Even Butterflies Can Sting" in the Death Dines At 8:30 anthology) is an exciting private investigative tale. The medium boiled detective storyline is intelligent and fast-paced as Eli with help works the case.

Harriet Klausner

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