Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tell Me You’re Sorry-Kevin O’Brien

Tell Me You’re Sorry Kevin O’Brien Pinnacle, Apr 29 2014, $9.99 ISBN: 9780786031603 In 2008, thirtyish Sandy Ingalls dies from a stroke leaving behind her husband Dick and their three kids. One year later Dick married Vanessa. An intruder explains to him she killed his wife, and paralyzed him and his children by what she put in their sauce. As she leaves she asks him if he is sorry while burning down the home with the Ingalls inside. In 2012, Stephanie Coburn cannot believe her older sister Rebecca Hamner committed suicide. Not long afterward, Rebecca’s grieving husband Scott remarries only to have his new wife kill him and his kids from his first marriage before committing suicide. Though she did not know the second wife, Stephanie knew her sister did not hate her spouse as a suicide note said; nor would she take her life as family meant everything to Becky. Stephanie soon learns of two other families in which a widower remarried shortly after his first wife died; only to be murdered along with his second spouse and their children. When police ignore her claim of a serial killer, Stephanie investigates; which leads her to Ryan Farrell, whose family was a victim of the same M.O. From the opening murder scene to the final confrontation, Kevin O’Brien hooks the audience with the psychopath intruding on families. Although the villainess’s appearance for most of this strong suspense is limited, she makes a macabre impression on readers as she always leaves the helpless male knowing that he and his loved ones will soon die with the taunt “are you sorry now?” Even as the female killer's skills seem improbable, Tell Me You’re Sorry is an exciting taut thriller. Harriet Klausner

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