Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stalkers-Paul Finch

Paul Finch
Avon, Feb 14 2013, $14.99
ISBN 9780007492299

Britain's National Crime Group Detective Sergeant Mark Heckenberg works alone as he has for several years on the disappearances of over three dozen successful and seemingly contented women throughout England and Wales.  Although diligent on following up on any potential lead, Heck has made no progress with his investigation while wondering why his superiors have not launched a major inquiry involving massive manpower.  Instead of helping Heck, to his outraged consternation the brass closes the case.

Placed on leave, a fuming Heck continues his probe into finding the missing women, but without official authorization and its accompanying restraints.  Searching for her vanished sibling, military veteran Lauren Wraxford teams up with Heck.  They soon learn of the Nice Guys Club with apparent ties to the National Crime Group.  This enterprise sells female captives to affluent clients to do what they want with them before killing their used commodity. 

This British investigative tale starts off as a police procedural, but quickly turns into a lone wolf and sidekick thriller.  Heck is conscientious, but should have been more frustrated even before his case was officially ended; while rightfully aggressive Lauren proves his better as she brings out the best (and worst) in him.  The over the top of the Tower of London sinisterly conspiracy drama is entertaining while condemning leaders preferring to ignore the violence against women and hate crimes against other groups (think of the 2012 reauthorization debate re VAWA renewal).

Harriet Klausner

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