Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Legal Limit-Martin Clark

The Legal Limit
Martin Clark
Knopf, Jul 2008, $24.95
ISBN 9780307268358

Mason Hun escaped his sadistic abusive father Curt with a college scholarship. When his father vanished, Mason, his older brother Gates and their mother Sadie rejoiced as no one was as mean as Curt was. In 1984 twenty-four years old law student Mason comes home to visit his beloved mother. He is on the back roads with Gates when his brother cold bloodedly shoots and kills a man who was playing with his girlfriend. Mason agrees to ignore what he witnessed as his sibling was always there keeping him safe from cruel Curt.

Years later, Mason is happily married to Allison as they raise their daughter in Stuart. However, he is devastated when Allison dies in a car crash. In 2003, Gates seeking a pardon from prison turns state’s evidence against his brother; accusing Mason of murder almost two decades ago. A special prosecutor gets a grand jury to indict the attorney.

This exciting family legal thriller is filled with suspense in and out of the courts; in fact some of the strongest scenes involve in the estranged siblings and their mom in a variety of confrontations. Martin Clark makes a case that the law may be so blind that achieving justice often fails. Fans will relish this thought provoking tale as Mason learns blood may be thicker than water, but so is ketchup as betrayal can come from those who allegedly cherish you.

Harriet Klausner