Monday, May 12, 2008

Untouchable-Stephanie Doyle

Stephanie Doyle
Silhouette Athena Force, Jun 2008, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373389827

She never met her parents and knows nothing about them. Her skin is poison to touch so she has no first hand knowledge of passion let alone hugs. Lilith has lived amidst nuns in isolated Arunachal Pradesh, India near the Chinese border where many revered Buddhist monks reside. She saves the life of a warrior who was dying from fever caused by a bullet to his leg.

The Sisters tell her she has a package from recently deceased pilot Jackie Webb. She learns Jackie was her biological mother ignominiously known as criminal Arachne and that she is and a half sister she never knew existed are genetic experiments. Apparently her sibling is coming for her. Former MI-6 operative Tarak Hammer-Smith, whose life she just saved, is nearby healing and vows to keep his angel safe from her family as Echo is coming. However, they are attracted to one another, but her touch is poison.

With an obvious spin from very civilized Jackie to very barbaric Echo, the Athena Force saga continues its strong romantic thrillers. The current entry is superb as Lilith and Tarak fall in love, but have a slight problem with touching as her power-curse will remind readers somewhat of Rogue of the X-Men. Fans will enjoy this excellent action-packed tale as love may not be enough to keep Lilith safe from her half-sister or Tarak from their desire.

Harriet Klausner