Sunday, August 10, 2008

Forsaken-James David Jordan

James David Jordan
B&H, Oct 2008, $14.99
ISBN: 9780805447491

Her father raised Taylor Pisbury after her mother deserted both of them. He trained his tall daughter to protect herself. However when two associates threaten to rape her and they actually murder her father, she kills both of them; but feels guilt that she originally ran from the scene.

In Dallas eleven years later, the FBI informs renowned televangelist widower Simon Mason that a plausible threat from Muslim terrorists has been intercepted. He hires former Secret Service Agent Taylor to provide him and his twenty year old daughter Kacey, an SMU student, security. Filled with importance and pride, as the best known Christian on the planet hired her; perhaps that is why she fails to ask him why her. Simon hides from her that he knows much about her including things she don’t know. He hopes one day he will be able to confess the full truth to Taylor and prays if he can his revelation becomes SOMETHING THAT LASTS forever for her. Soon after being hired, Taylor’s euphoria abruptly ends when the terrorists abduct Kacey; their demand is simply to make Simon turn his back on his religion with a betrayal to rival Judas or never ever see the tortured corpse of his beloved offspring again.

Although the opening chapters provide insight into the heroine, they feel unnecessary although quite exhilarating as fans will relish this engaging Christian thriller especially once Simon is put into a Hobson’s Choice dilemma. He and Taylor are fully developed protagonists while the support cast either enhances understanding the quandary he faces, the lead duo, or his ministry. Fans will enjoy the FORSAKEN as to be human is to feel that way sometimes; but to be divine is to know no one is fully FORSAKEN.

Harriet Klausner