Monday, August 18, 2008

Thread of Fear-Laura Griffin

Thread of Fear
Laura Griffin
Pocket, Oct 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416570639

She is one of the best forensic artists in the country and police from all parts of the nation ask her to talk with witnesses and victims so she can draw a picture of their assailant. Her success rate is phenomenal, but it also takes a toll on her emotionally. Fiona Glass keeps telling herself no more as she cannot cope with how she personalizes each case.

When the FBI talks to her about the abduction of ten year old Shelby with the witness being her six years old brother Colton who refuses to talk to any one, Fiona knows she has no choice but to help. She gets a tremendous sketch of the perpetrator from the frightened child.

She still reels from internalizing the trauma of that case when Police Chief Jack Bowman asks her to interview a rape torture victim. Reluctantly she agrees. Fiona learns that the trauma happened eleven years ago and the victim was Bowman’s girlfriend at the time. He explains to the forensic artist that he believes that cold case is related to a recent murder of a girl dumped in a place where her corpse would be found fast. He admits no one else buys his theory. Fiona obtains decent sketches from Jack’s former girlfriend. When the culprit kidnaps a state senator’s daughter; suddenly everyone from the Feds to the State to the locals dive head first into the investigation. Fiona finds the clues that allows Jack to close in on the killer, but neither realize the perp is targeting her.

Laura Griffin provides a strong suspense thriller with a supporting romantic subplot that enhances the growing tension as Jack worries about the mental state of the woman he loves who risks her sanity and her life to help others. While investigating, the sparks between them is unwanted as one is commitment phobic and the other does not want to get involved. Although forensic experts with emotional issues is not new, THREAD OF FEAR is a crisp police procedural.

Harriet Klausner