Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fatal fixer-upper-Jennie Bentley

Fatal fixer-upper
Jennie Bentley
Berkley, Nov 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780425224571

Textile designer Avery Baker is based in New York City working for Aubert Designs when a letter arrives from an aunt she never heard of living in Maine. Her aunt asks her to come visit her so that truths and wrong doings see the light of day. Avery is intrigued by the note, but has doubts about going until she finds her lover in bed with his receptionist. The house in Maine is in terrible condition, but Avery who inherited her late aunt’s estate hires Derek Ellis to renovate the house she can get a better price for it.

Before arriving she had received an anonymous letter warning her to stay away from her late aunt’s home. On her first day in her new home, Avery sees someone broke in and destroyed the crockery and dishes. She soon finds a picture of a tapestry in her aunt’s home, but it is missing. Avery discovers a fainting couch meant for Marie Antoinette if she had gotten out of Paris alive. Professor Wentworth was a frequent visitor of her late aunt; Avery believes his disappearance is tied to those truths her aunt’s letter mentioned that someone wants remained hidden. Her inquiries bring her to the attention of killer colder than a Maine wintry night.

Readers will find that this first book in a new series in delight that they found a great whodunit and tips on rehab a house. The heroine is spunky, talented and obstinate; as she refuses to allow anyone except Derek change her mind once she decides something. Fans will enjoy this fine cozy as readers and Avery know someone wants her to leave; dead if necessary.

Harriet Klausner