Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tsar-Ted Bell

Ted Bell
Atria, Sep 23 2008, $26.95
ISBN: 1416550402

Vladimir Putin has brought pride (and heat) to the Russian people as he looks into Bush’s soul and found it lacking; he faces down the inane NATO attempts to contain his beloved motherland, the New Russia. Meanwhile British super SPY Alex Hawke relaxes on a Bermuda beach after completing his last mission. There he meets and begins to fall in love with Russian artist Anastasia Korsakova.

Her father is internationally renowned for his inventions and scientific research; a Noble Prize winner. However, her dad Count Ivan Korsakov is also the secretive Dark Rider, who is the power behind Russia; Putin isn’t even puppet status. The Dark Rider’s short term goal is to rebuild the Soviet Empire; his long term goal, all of Europe; and his BHAG the globe. His troops are set to invade their neighbors as step 1 while his agents begin a terrorist plot on American soil as step 1A. Only Hawke has the skills to prevent Cold War II turning into WW III; but he is somewhat preoccupied by the daughter of the Tsar of the new Russian Empire.

Talk about timing with the Georgia invasion, Ted bell looks like a genius with this action-packed electrifying thriller. The story line is fast-paced from the moment that Alex and Anastasia meet and never slows down as confrontation seemingly everywhere is the norm. Readers will salute Mr. Bell for his astuteness while appreciating a terific tale starring espionage agent Hawkins vs. the real New Russia.

Harriet Klausner