Monday, October 6, 2008

Afro Samuri 1-Taashi Okazaki

Afro Samuri 1
Taashi Okazaki
The Seven Seas, Sep 2008, $10.99
ISBN: 9780765321237

The young child was with his father, the world’s top swordsman when No. 2 challenged him for his No. 1 headband. In front of the son, No.2 Justice and his cohorts The Empty Brothers illegally slay No. 1. In spite of his dishonoring the Swordsman tradition with his dastardly deed, Justice becomes No. 1.

Although very young at the time he witnessed the murder of his dad, the son vows vengeance. Over the years he learned the swordsman skill and began his way up the hierarchy until he becomes No. 2. Nicknamed Afro for his hairstyle, he prepares for the final act while eluding assassins sent by the Empty Brothers supporters of No. 1.

Though the plot is a bit thin, this engaging manga graphic book is entertaining especially the art. The story line never fleshes out either Justice or the son beyond their swordplay although the son has the additional motive of revenge making him a bit more complete than his adversary. With plenty of blood flowing in this feudal-modern tech world, fans who relish vivid action over characterization will appreciate AFRO SAMURAI 1.
Harriet Klausner