Monday, October 6, 2008

Take No Prisoners-Cindy Gerard

Take No Prisoners
Cindy Gerard
Pocket, Nov 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 1416566740

Although his preference is to remain on the family Nevada ranch to help his parents raise his orphaned niece, former Delta force sniper Sam Lang has a personal reason to return to Black Ops, Inc (BOI) field work. A BOI peer has given him a tip involving millionaire gangster Frederick Nader who arranged the murders of Tina’s parents. Unable to resist although his thirst for revenge had failed the first time he tried, Sam heads to Vegas to begin his second attempt at killing the criminal mastermind.

Las Vegas blackjack dealer Abbie Hughes is worried that her younger Cory is in trouble as she has not heard from him in days. Sam knows she is the key to his killing Nader as her sibling is the middleman in a gem smuggling operation starting in Honduras. As they become better acquainted and begin to fall in love, Sam reassesses his desires, but knows Cory needs rescuing as the idiot is caught between deadly Nader and his as lethal rival Desmond Fox.

The second BOI romantic suspense (see SHOW NO MERCY; not read by me) is a fabulous romantic suspense tale that focuses on the action and adventure keeping the love subplot in needed check. This makes the tale seem realistic, as Sam changes his motive for wanting to kill Nader. Readers will enjoy this high octane thriller starring operatives who understand their missions are dangerous and dirty as they do what they must to reduce the odds of failure and coming out in a bag.

Harriet Klausner