Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kept-Jami Alden

Jami Alden
Kensington Brava, Mar 2009, $14.00
ISBN: 9780758225474

Gemini Security is run by the Taggert brothers with the oldest Danny in charge and his younger twins Ethan and Derek top security operatives. The firm is hired by Emma Bancroft to provide security at a major gala. At the event Derek meets “Miss Thing” Alyssa Miles and afterward takes her home with him.

Still attracted to her, he later learns affluent Alyssa the party animal is the type of worthless female he loathes and the tabloids love. He is chagrined when her family hires his agency to protect them after Alyssa’s father and stepmother recently died in what the police believe is a murder-suicide. Danny assigns Derek with the 24/7 protection detail of Alyssa. However, as he begins to fall in love with his subject and her with her bodyguard, they begin to realize something is not right about the two deaths. Instead evidence surfaces that implicate the Van Weldt Jeweler business in illegal trafficking of “blood diamonds”.

The twin sequel to CAUGHT is a fabulous romantic suspense thriller starring a caring hero hiding his heart and a seemingly flit female who proves she is his equal once he gives her the chance. The cast is fully developed especially her family like her grandmother Grace Van Weldt who’s as cold as diamonds. Fans will enjoy the changing relationship between the lead couple as they fall in love while needing to know whether her family firm starting with her icy grandma is dealing in blood diamonds.

Harriet Klausner