Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rupture-Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson
Oceanview, Feb 1 2009, $24.95
ISBN: 9781933515236

In Memphis, surgeon Dr. Eli Branch is excited to join the staff of Gates Memorial Hospital where he has been promised he can continue his research. However, when surgery is bungled, the chief of vascular surgery leads the finger pointing at Eli.

Stunned he begins his own inquiry, which leads him to one revelation after another with no end in sight. Instead Eli uncovers an incredible deception by his late father, who was a highly regard anatomy professor at nearby Mid-South Medical College. As others die when he contacts them, the cops believe Eli is a deranged serial killer while several medical professionals need him silenced before he destroy their world with revealing facts. His only ally is forensic pathologist Meg Daily who doubts his innocence but wants to find the link to the killings; her only tie is Eli.

This is an exciting medical thriller due to the harassed hero and an incredible easy understanding of current health issues without dumbing them down. Although the medical conspiracy plot has been done before and is a bit slim fans will enjoy A. Scott Pearson’s profound look of medicine in America through the eyes of a likable careworn champion whose world has collapsed.

Harriet Klausner