Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rescue Me-Christy Reece

Rescue Me
Christy Reece
Ballantine, Apr 28 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780345505422

At a society party in Washington DC, black-ops Jordan Montgomery feels a deep obsessive need for the tender charm and love of a beautiful stranger. He is unaware she is Devon Winters, whom he knew since childhood. She conceals her true identity from him because she fears he will reject her if he knows who she is. They go to his home and make love, but he is angry afterward; she assumes because she failed to mention she was a virgin. She runs away from him but comes back but not before he hearsher mother’s ugly lies about her knowing his hatred will haunt her forever. However, someone abducts a fleeing Devon.

Years later, she becomes an agent for Last Chance Rescue who make daring saves of people abducted with no chance of freedom. Jordan is back in her life, but he knows her as Eden St. Claire; she hides her real identity of Devon from him. He is attracted to her and admires her skill and spunk on a kidnapped child rescue mission that they work together on. The pair realizes they love one another, but she fails to tell him the truth. When he finds out, he feels betrayed and walks out on her; unaware he leaves her back exposed from someone who wants her dead.

Mindful of the quality expected of Cherry Adair and Mariah Stewart, Christy Reece’s first novel is a terrific romantic suspense thriller. Devon is a survivor overcoming traumas, which not only made her stronger, but led her to LCR where she planned to do what she could to keep victims safe. Exciting although readers will want to smack Jordan for his pompous dumping without all the facts, fans will look forward to two more LC entries RETURN TO ME and RUN TO ME.

Harriet Klausner