Monday, March 23, 2009

Shepherd's Fall-W.L. Dyson

Shepherd's Fall
W.L. Dyson
WaterBrook, Apr 2009, $9.99
ISBN: 1400074738

Prodigal Recovery Agency Nick Shepherd wonders how he got into his current personal mess. Besides the fact that he owns one third of a failing bounty hunter business inherited form his late dad, his two siblings Steven and Marti denote dysfunctional, his mom is in an Alzheimer’s nursing home, his former wife Jessica tortures him with her demands and their daughter Krystal is rebelling. Still his agents like Matt Connor and Rafe Constanza are the best especially with watching each other’s back

Though he has doubts about taking on the search for the runaway hooker meth addict Zeena Bantham, Nick agrees as he needs the money and the firm needs the reputation as the business is falling apart. While on the case, Nick meets Zeena’s sister, cancer victim Anne McNamara who insists on being part of the hunt. However, as he comes closer to finding the “tweeter”, someone abducts Krystal and unaware of that moment threatens Marti as Nick’s past has returned with a vengeance to disrupt his already screwed up present and probably destroy his at best shaky future.

This fast-paced crime thriller focuses on the life of a bounty hunter as his work intrudes on his family turning his once loving wife into a shrill and his once adulating offspring wondering if he will ever be there for her. Filled with action from the onset and a felon in plain sight, fans will relish this fine thriller as W.L Dyson shows she has the right stuff.

Harriet Klausner