Friday, July 17, 2009

Alibi-Teri Woods

Teri Woods
Grand Central, Aug 6 2009, $21.99
ISBN: 9780446581691

In 1986 in Philadelphia, two punks believe they can rob the illegal drug stash of drug lord Simon Shuller. They capture one of the guards Poncho, but fail to take control of the man’s more violent partner Nard. When the dust clears Nard is the only person left breathing.

Nard pays twentyish African American stripper old Daisy Fothergill two thousand dollars to provide him with an alibi during the time of the deadly face-off. A witness informs the police that Nard killed the three men, but soon after telling his story to the cops that man is dead; a warning to others to keep their mouths’ shut. Meanwhile Daisy visits her mother, Abigail, but finds her dead from natural causes. Her windfall pays for her mom’s funeral. She becomes pregnant but her boyfriend Reggie Carter dumps her. Needing time to regroup, Daisy visits her aunt in Murfreesboro, Tennessee knowing she will have to face the music in Philadelphia soon.

This is a terrific crime caper starring an intriguing cast especially Nard (short for Bernard). He makes the story line work from the onset as he methodically cleans up the dead scene and establishes his alibi so that if any of the witnesses speak to the cops he has his counter testimony. Fans will appreciate Teri Woods’ strong thriller as the fascinating focus is on a unique anticipated High Noon with fans wondering whether the hit man will soar like a predatory eagle on its prey when Daisy returns to the city of Brotherly Love.

Harriet Klausner