Monday, July 20, 2009

The Pravda Messenger-Robert Cornuke

The Pravda Messenger
Robert Cornuke
Howard (Simon and Schuster), Sep 2009, $12.99
ISBN: 9781416549840

The Bell Bible is a divine journal ending up with people chosen by God. That person is the messenger and in the right hands has the power to change things for the good of its temporary owner. Through an unusual set of circumstances, the bible comes to Tanya of Colorado Springs after it was found on the ground following a plane crash and a thief stole it expecting riches.

Tanya immediately recognizes the bible having seen it seven years ago hidden in the tomb of Feodor Kuzmich, believed to be czar Alexander who left his pampered life to become a monk. She also recalls noticing a gold snuff box believed to hold manna inside it. In the present the Soviets want the manna to study it so that the scientists can increase food production; they reject any divine creation of manna. The Cubans want Tanta because she is the PRAVDA MESSENGER, a woman who can hear lies when they are spoken. Tanya’s father is in a Gulag Camp C-23. People are working to free him so he can be used to blackmail Tanya into cooperating with her enemies.

There are many more villains in this intriguing work. This includes a Soviet spy who failed to obtain the snuff box seven years ago; the only blight on his record so he is obsessed with getting a second chance to recover it,; an American working for a top secret agency whose desire for money supersedes his loyalty to his country and the Russians are willing to pay for his cooperation. Tanya is much more mature than her age as she understands the blessing she has received, but also knows the Lord will protect her. There are many heroes willing to become martyrs to keep her safe, but the most important is the Bell Bible given to God’s chosen for his purpose. Inspiring, unique and special, fans will appreciate the PRAVDA MESSENGER.

Harriet Klausner

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