Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dino Vicelli: Private Eye In A World Of Evil-Lori Weiner

Dino Vicelli: Private Eye In A World Of Evil
Lori Weiner
Dorrance Publishing, Jun 8 2009, $10.00
ISBN: 9781434902948

In New York City, debonair Italian Greyhound Dino Vicelli loves to dress smartly and enjoys an expensive cigar. He pays for his two prime tastes as a Manhattan private investigator.

When a tall all legs Afghan blonde enters his office, Dino barks out “Wow” as she is beautiful. She introduces herself as Jezebel who hires him to investigate a seemingly simple missing person case, the disappearance of Katy Barnes. A tip sends Dino to Footprint Downs, a place known for human abuse of its runners. At the track guns are fired and a man is killed but not before he warns Dino to seek the “star”. Dino soon finds himself in danger from a killer involved in some weird experiments to dominate the world when all he wants is time with Jezebel after he locates Katy.

This is an entertaining satirical canine caper as Dino explores New York from a debonair Noir dog’s perspective. Fans will enjoy Dino’s escapades as he uses his olfactory and taste senses to find clues while romancing the blonde fatale. Fans of Spencer Quinn’s Chet (see Dog on It) although sans Bernie will appreciate Dino Vicelli, Private Eye (and nose).

Harriet Klausner