Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Through the Heart- Kate Morgenroth

Through the Heart
Kate Morgenroth
Plume, Dec 29 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780452295896

The Hamptons, New York police report describes a homicide that actually began in Kansas. Nora works at a coffee shop in Kansas where she cannot afford to buy a cup. She also cares for her cancer stricken mother who is undergoing expensive chemo treatments for leukemia in Kansas City, a long drive.

Timothy is a spoiled rich kid living in Manhattan off his family millions. He stops in the coffee shop where he and Nora meet. They are instantly attracted to one another as they fit well together since she is a submissive and he is a bully. Besides desire for each other; they each loathe their respective families. The fairy tale ending is found in the police report.

Points of view rotate mostly between Nora and Timothy with the police investigation thrown in periodically as the reader wonders until the final twist as to who the victim is. Although the love at first sight seems over the top of Mount Sunflower with this couple as she is a mouse and he is selfish, the story line hooks the reader anyway with anticipation while following the fascinating bittersweet love story; pondering throughout who will be left standing in police custody.

Harriet Klausner