Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dark Secrets of the Old Oak Tree-Dolores J. Wilson

Dark Secrets of the Old Oak Tree
Dolores J. Wilson
Medallion, Mar 1 2010, $24.95
ISBN: 9781605421063

After catching her husband David, a prominent Chicago attorney in bed with his paralegal, Evie Carson divorces him ending their fifteen years of marriage. She leaves Illinois to return home to Hyattsville, Georgia where she has a home and starts a business the Victorian Sampler Shop clothing emporium.

Evie is stunned when she sees mentally challenged Jake burying her naked best friend from high school Denise. When Jake leaves the gruesome scene, feeling slightly safer, Evie calls the cops. After giving her statement to the police, she learns Jake is dead too with his corpse found in her car. Circumstantial evidence leads the investigators to believe that Sheriff John Broday is the perpetrator, but lack the proof to arrest him. David arrives in town seeking a key to their safety deposit box. However before he can talk to his ex wife, he is killed. Attempts are made on Evie’s life and a psychic who works with the police warns her and the cops that the culprit wants her dead; Georgia State Trooper Lyle Dickerson vows to keep safe the woman he is falling in love with even of she is cantankerous towards him.

No one will need a psychic to tell them Evie’s life in danger or an oracle to learn this is an exciting thriller for fans who relish the works of Mary Higgins Clark. A romantic subplot between Evie and Lyle enhance the plot as she decries his relationship with Denise and he walks out on her when she needs his protection. Filled with action and a great twist, fans will enjoy learning the Dark Secrets of the Old Oak Tree.

Harriet Klausner