Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wild Laws-Jim Hanson

Wild Laws
Jim Hanson
Thriller Publishing Group, Mar 14 2010, $13.95
ISBN: 9780981999319

Thirty-four year old Bryson Coventry, Chief of Denver Police Department Homicide Unit, has a photo of schoolteacher Paige Lake who brutally died two years ago. Last year he received an email that stated Johannesburg was next; he called South African police, but Jewel Brand was murdered. Apparently before Denver there was Paris and now next week Tokyo.

Unable to stay out of it, Bryson replies to the email that states Tokyo next by offering himself as the victim. He flies to Japan though his DPD boss Tanner fires him. In Tokyo local authorities warn him to stay out of it, but he refuses to do so. As the former cop tries to prevent the next murder, he and Sin whom he met on the flight over, are caught in a deadly convoluted ploy that is not just on four continents, but dates back to a previous century.

The Wild Bryson saga has been one of the best police procedural series for several years, but this is the best to date as the complexity is incredible with multiple subplots that tie together in ways the reader will be stunned. After overseas in Hong Kong Laws, Paris in Ancient Laws, and Bangkok Laws; readers will wonder about cases in Denver, but Jim Hanson easily sends his hero overseas again with a great thriller as Bryson quits the force, offers himself up as the victim and his only respite is Sinning. Filled with twists including a late spin that Bryson failed to see coming, fans will relish this terrific entry with a strong cast as WHERE is Tokyo and WHEN is next week; meaning the clock is ticking on Coventry.

Harriet Klausner