Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eye of the Mountain God-Penny Rudolph

Eye of the Mountain God
Penny Rudolph
Dunne, Apr 13 2010, $24.99
ISBN 9780312545468

Professional photpgraphter Megan Montoya moves from Pennsylvania to Santa Ynez, New Mexico accomaopnied by her eight years old autistic child Lizzie. Megan hopes the move will help her career and her daughter.

Soon after the two feamles arrive in their new home, Megan finds inside her newspaper left outside five green colored arrowheads. A local jewler informs her they are emeralds and an archoelogst believes they may be the four hudnred plus years old Pima arrowheads of legend. valued at approximatlly a million dollars a piece. She thinks the find will answre her financial crisis although she wodners what happened to ther newspaper delivery boy. Menwhile Save the People orgaiznation hires her to photograph the poor women and children of the nearby mountain villages. Someone searchs her home and she begins to think everyone she meets has a hidden agenda; her paranoa proves real when a terrorist threatens an attack whiile her daughter becomes caught in the middle.

This is an over the top of Wheeler Peak thriller as a seemingly zillion zingers target the Pennsylvania transfers. The audience will root for marvelous Megan and lovely Lizzie. However, the myriad of subplots never converge into a cohesive story line though the heroine has a bulls-eye on her forehead. Still readers will enjoy Megan’s misadventures in the not so Land of Enchantment.

Harriet Klausner

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