Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reckless-Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross
Morrow, Mar 30 2010, $25.99
ISBN 9780061655951

Intruders enter the Greenwich, Connecticut home of Wall St. Equities trader Marc Glassman, his wife April and their teenaged children, Evan and Becca. The two adults and Becca are murdered.

Private securities investigator Ty Hauck learns of the killing of his friend April at a time when he is assigned to investigate the questionable dealings of financier Dieter Thibault. Hauck plans to also make discrete inquiries into the murders of the Glassman family. He soon teams up with US Treasury agent Naomi Blum as his two investigations soon tie together, but progress is hampered by someone who seems to be several steps ahead of them.

Before Too Big to Fail became a mantra that still remains a truism; fans would have said this conspiratorial financial thriller was over the top of Wall St. and Big Ben, but no more. Hauck is at his bull dog best while Blum brings out even more obstinacy in the hero as they become the trains that won’t quit. Fans will enjoy their escapades as the enemy has reaches into the highest levels of cross Atlantic governments in which Too Big To Fail remains as strong as before the great recession meltdown. This is a great Hauck tale as he goes private (his cases when he was a police detective in The Dark Tide and Don’t Look Twice) with the economy still open to blackmail.

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