Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dirty Rotten Tendrils-Kate Collins

Dirty Rotten Tendrils
Kate Collins
Obsidian, Oct 5 2010, $6.99
ISBN: 9780451231529

Not everyone is happy that Cody Verse is coming back to his hometown in New Chapel, Indiana. It is not to see friends or family, but to defend himself in court against Andrew Chapper who claims he co-wrote the song that Cody used on the national TV show America’s Next Hit Single. The appearance catapulted him to fame. Abby, the owner of the flower shop Bloomers wishes he would leave so the town can return to normal.

Cody hired dirty tricks high profile lawyer Ken “Lip” Lipinski to represent him. Andrew’s grandparents hired David Hammond who would have refused the case if he knew his opponent is the great attorney. David is diligent and good, but not flamboyant like his adversary who breaks the rules like stealing evidence. Furious David publicly accuses the Lip of duplicity and illegalities. Soon after their spat, Lip is dead with the circumstantial evidence pointing at David. Abby, who worked for David and her fiancé Marco, a private detective investigate because they believe he is innocent.

The combination private investigator (Marco) and amateur sleuth (Abby) fuse together to create an appealing Flower Shop mystery (see Sleeping with Anemone) that a wide ranger of readers will enjoy. The heroine’s sparkle and spirit sweetly lights up her fiancé’s heart while adding a warm dimension to the fine whodunit. However the key is Abby’s believability as she attended law school, clerked for Dave, and strictly adheres to Marco’s instructions. This is a well written investigative tale.

Harriet Klausner

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