Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mayan Apocalypse-Mark Hitchcock and Alton Gansky

The Mayan Apocalypse
Mark Hitchcock and Alton Gansky
Harvest House, Sep 1 2010, $13.99
ISBN: 9780736930550

Geologist Andrew Morgan seeks to understand life. He is an affluent man who has traveled the globe trying to find meaning beyond is that all there is having lost his loved ones; he holds God culpable for their deaths. So far, his quest has failed. Andrew is fascinated with the ancient Mayan prediction that the world ends in December 2012. He digs deeper into the prophecy and is stunned by the mathematical and astronomical affirmation of what he assumed was a superstitious omen by primitive people. However, in spite of his reluctant conversion that a pandemic tragedy from the skies is coming, he knows his quest for the meaning of life remains unanswered unless death is the only response.

Andrew meets Christian journalist Lisa Campbell as she also researches the Mayan calendar. As 2011 increasingly proves a deadly year with both natural and man-made disasters, she shares the Bible’s last days with him. However, he rejects the Bible’s Rapture and the Mayan Apocalypse as being the same empty mythos. Yet he and others consider hiding in a bunker as the Hammer of God threatens the earth with cosmic impact on eerily December 21 2012.

This is a terrific thriller with several major twists that enhance the belief that a potential pandemic disaster threatens the earth. The story line is action-packed and fast-paced with a strong cast including the two protagonists, a disbeliever, and several fascinating others. With the doomsday countdown plot hooking readers, fans will relish this exhilarating apocalypse now tale as the underlying premise is that for someone any day may prove to be his or her end of day.

Harriet Klausner

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