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Quilt Or Innocence-Elizabeth Craig

Quilt Or Innocence

Elizabeth Craig

Obsidian, Jun 5 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451237330

When Atlanta Folk Art Museum curator Beatrice Coleman retires she moves to the bucolic relatively crime free small town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina. She selected this town because her adult daughter Piper resides there. Beatrice barely moves in when her neighbor Meadow Downey practically kidnaps her; though the woman insists she is on a rescue mission. Meadow introduces Beatrice to the Village Quilter Guild asking her to become the newest member.

Beatrice knows everything about quilts except how to make one. She is welcomed into the guild’s circle and becomes friends with several of them in spite of expecting to be alone. When she and quilter Posy Beck walk in the park, they find the murdered body of sadistic Miss Judith who enjoys hurting and scaring people. Not long afterward, another quilter Miss Sissy is left for dead in her home. While Meadow’s husband Ramsey the police chief investigates Beatrice becomes part of the inquiry when she is whacked on the head while at Miss Sissy’s home. Using her ability to analyze patterns, an irate Beatrice does her own look into the homicide before she or one of the quilters get killed.

Quilt or Innocence is a delightful regional amateur sleuth due to the eccentric quilters like the sisters Savannah and Georgia. Written in the third point of view, fans obtain a taste of small-town Carolina living through the people Beatrice meet starting with Hurricane Meadow. Although the rationale for Beatrice to investigate is soft (a sub-genre hazard), readers will enjoy touring Dappled Hills guided by colorful locals.

Harriet Klausner

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