Saturday, April 28, 2012

Under Fire-Catherine Mann

Under Fire

Catherine Mann

Sourcebooks, May 1 2012, $6.99

ISBN 9781402245015

Pararescueman Major Liam McCabe and Rachel Flores worked together in the Bahamas rescuing people during an earthquake. For the next six months he tried to make contact with her, but she refused to respond though she is attracted to Liam. She has a problem with his multi failed marriages somewhat but deep down she knows her fears of commitment go back to her fiancé who died on a mission.

On Patrick Air Force base, Florida, Liam and his team provide external security for a NASA sponsored international summit. This is the thirty eight year old soldier’s farewell mission after a career in the military though he knows he is going out with a whimper. Rachel finds Liam’s car and breaks into it. Meanwhile her house is ablaze due to an explosion. Liam is stunned to find her and one of her rescue dogs Disco inside his vehicle. She explains a flag officer has betrayed the country and wants her dead; she trusts only Liam to help her.

The latest Elite Force military romantic thriller (see Cover Me) is an exciting tale starring two individuals who met during the Bahamas rescue mission (see Hot Zone). Fast-paced and filled with action, Liam knows that if he chooses his heart, he could lose his twenty year career retirement; but if he ignores his heart he will live with regret as his unit’s mantra "that others may live" haunts him especially since Rachel is the one asking him. Fans will enjoy Under Fire as the protagonists, assisted by his squad, team up to try to bring down a highly ranked officer.

Harriet Klausner

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