Monday, November 2, 2009

Dead Air-Mary Kennedy

Dead Air
Mary Kennedy
Obsidian, Jan 5 2010, $6.99
ISBN: 9780451228772

She is the host of On the Couch with Maggie Walsh on WYME radio; Maggie actually tries to help people with their problems. She laft the big Apple because she could not handle another cold winter and moved to Cypress Grove, Florida where the temperatures are year round balmy and crime is low.

Her current guest is New Age guru Sanjay Gingii who Maggie instantly dislikes. She tells her roommate Lark how she feels and that Sanjay is staying at the motel next door to their home. Lark obsesses over the New Age prophet and buys all his tapes, CDs, and books. She goes to introducer herself to Sanjay and he welcomes her into his room, but she needs to escape when he constantly makes passes at her. The next day, the two roommates learn Sanjay is dead and Lark is the last known person to have been seen with him. Adding to Lark’s troubles is her past police record for assault and her admitting to the cops that she hit him to escape his pawing. With motive, opportunity and a violent history, Lark is the only suspect that the police focus on. Maggie believes Lark is innocent in spite of overwhelming circumstantial evidence that might convince a Grand Jury otherwise. She investigates with the help of her eccentric lovable mom who would do anything to get into the limelight as she dreams of stardom.

Mary Kennedy opens up her new amateur sleuth series with a delightful homicide that will keep the audience guessing just who the killer is. Readers will agree with the cops that Lark is a sure bet; yet Maggie quickly learns seemingly most of Florida hated the self anointed guru. The relationship between the shrink and her mom is touching yet also amusing; but the entertaining story line belongs to the radio hostess who uses her psychology skills to abet her inquiry.

Harriet Klausner